Monday, June 9, 2014

Girly Zebra with a holo topcoat!

I saw a post recently in the Polishaholics Annoymous Facebook group about a holographic top coat. The ability to make every polish holo? Tell me more! Jenn, the maker of Daily Hues Lacquer posted some swatches of before and after applying Ricca, her holo topcoat, and I was sold!

Here's my first look using my amazing new discovery. This is 3 coats of SquareHue- Happy creme, topped with 2 coats of Daily Hues-Ricca. So much gorgeous.

 I added some zebra print with BM-223 and Essie- Watermelon.

I just LOVE how this one turned out. I didn't get a very good picture of it in the sunlight, it was overcast the entire next day that I was wearing it. The lightbox just doesn't do it justice. It's incredible. 
To get your own bottle of Ricca, GO HERE!! She also just listed her new summer line, and they are gorgeous as well!