Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Royal Lacquer-Love Me Tender and Such a Lady

Today we have two more gorgeous shades from Royal Lacquer. Love Me Tender from their Valentine's collection, and Such a Lady. I love these! They are so girly and beautiful!

I actually did these nails right before Valentine's Day with the intention of posting them before then, but time got away from me and it just didn't happen.

Both of these colors were opaque in two easy coats. They had a special  with their Valentine's polishes, you got a sheet of heart decals with each purchase. I chose these with Love Me Tender, and they threw in Such a Lady and some cute pink hearts too! I love how easy these decals are, and these two colors looked perfect together!

There are all these pretty iridescent  glitters that didn't really show up in my pictures :( It was much more sparkly in real life.

Check out their Etsy shop here for other colors and decals!


  1. This is pretty! Love the hearts. The bottles on these polishes are so cute with the crown on it too.