Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A little bit of bling

I logged into my dashboard today and realized I lost a follower :( With only 36 followers, I treasure you all! I hope I can keep the rest of you coming back to read!

I found this pretty pink polish at Tuesday Morning. I had never been there before, but had heard that people have found great polish there, so I went hunting. I found a little display of Calvin Klein polishes. I've never tried or even seen them before, so I grabbed two to try. The one I used here is called Sheer Sparkle. The formula was flawless, the first picture is 2 easy coats. I love the shimmer it has.

For some added sparkle, I used Wet n Wild Fergie- Rock n' Roll to make a little glitter gradient. I picked this up at Walmart a few days ago, and I'm glad, because it needed a new home. It's packed with beautiful gray glitter and a little holo glitter as well. I loved how it looked with the pink in this look.


  1. I lost a follower or two recently and did not realize until today. It sucks but we're better off without them. That color is super pretty. Love it even more with the glitter. :)

  2. Pretty manicure! Always love a glitter gradient. Don't worry about losing a follower. Your always have me and other loyal readers :)

  3. Thanks girls, you made me feel better :) I don't know how people get as many followers as they do, I get so excited for every new one!