Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips Wear Test

So next month my husband and I are going to Vegas to celebrate our 4th anniversary. I'm so excited! This will kind of be like the honeymoon we never got to take :) And my mom is going to watch our girls, so it's going to be great. Well, for the last few months, I've started to stress about my nails while we're there. I don't want to have to take polish and stuff with me and spend time fixing my nails when I could be laying by the pool drinking a margarita. So I decided to try the Sally Hansen Polish strips. I've heard that they were great, but never tried them myself. I did a little wear test so I could see if they would be a good option for are my results....

They were pretty easy to apply, went on fairly smooth. The only problem I had was when I was filing off the first two (ring and pinky), I tore the corners. So it looks like they're chipped, but that was my bad. I did add one coat of HK Girl over top of them to try and lengthen their life span.

I put these on Monday night, and took this picture right before removing them on Saturday. So they lasted me 5 days solid. They probably would have been fine to go a little longer, but I was very ready for a change, and the outgrowth was starting to bug me. Overall, I was pretty impressed! I got one small chip on my right hand on day 4, and had minor tip wear as you can see in the picture. I think I found my answer for vacation!

Now to decide which design to choose....

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