Saturday, June 22, 2013

Teal Gradient with Flower Stamping

So we went to Ross the other day, and naturally I had to scour through the polish. I found a set of 7 Color Club polishes for $7.99! The box said they were the Dazzling Diamond collection, or something like that. So after I got home, I started reading the names on the back of the box, and they were Red Carpet, or Red Velvet, or something way different that I would expect for all these springy colors. So I started searching online and I'm pretty sure what I actually got is the Spring 2012 Collection. So I could be wrong on the names of these polishes, but I think I got them all matched up.

I started with one coat of Color Club- Blue-ming. It's a really pretty light teal, almost a little minty green, but more blueish...that could be the worst description ever. Just trust me, it's pretty. Then I sponged the gradient with Blue-ming and Sinful Colors- Rise&Shine. I had already started stamping when I realized I forgot a picture of the gradient, so you get the gradient on my right hand. Then I stamped with W-110 and Milani- White on the Spot. Topped with one coat of HK Girl.

I just did a similar thing with my hair too! I've been platinum blonde for about a year now, so I was ready for a change and decided to try the ombre look! I love the way it turned out! The girl who does my hair it awesome!!


  1. This is a pretty manicure!! :) Your new hair looks great too.

    1. Thanks girl! I'm really loving it right now :)