Monday, August 19, 2013

China Glaze- Astro Hot

I want to begin by saying, I apologize for all the time you're going to waste with this information... Do you play Candy Crush on your iPhone or iPad? Hate waiting for your friends to send you lives? Here's a trick...when you run out of lives, change the date on your phone to a day ahead, switch back to the game, then change the date back to today's date. There you have it, infinite lives. I don't know if it will work on other devices as I've only tried it on these two. At times I wish no one would have told me this. Although it did help me pass level 65 in only about half a day, which according to my sister, is kind of a big deal. I'm now struggling through level 133.

Down to business...for my birthday, I got a few of the Hologlams. They're such pretty colors, but I do wish the holo was stronger, like the Color Clubs. Those are incredible. Though in the sun, or lightbox like these pictures, the holo looks great. This is 2 coats of Astro Hot.

This is such a great color! I should have taken a picture out of the lightbox so you could see it without all the holo goodness. It's still really pretty.


  1. I got the infra-red CG holo a few weeks ago and whilst it is a lovely shade, I'm still not getting all of the holo love, tbh.

    I'm using it in TPC this month so we'll see if it grows on me.