Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Braid

Sorry about the lack of posts lately! It's been a rough few weeks, we've all had one sickness after another around my house. I have an appointment tomorrow to schedule a date to have my tonsils removed. I'm a little nervous, I've heard the recovery is pretty bad for adults, but I'm so tired of being sick all the time, so hopefully this will help!

I've been doing good to even paint my nails once a week lately, which has been rough. But I was finally in the mood to do a fall look, and I really wanted to try the braid look again. I used Honor, Scorched Summer, and Swahili Charm, all from SquareHue. I can't say enough great things about their polish! Both the gold and the orange are something I would never pick out for myself, and yet they're perfect for this look! They look amazing in nail art. That's partly why I love SquareHue, I don't know what colors I'm getting and I get some colors that would be out of my comfort zone, and end up loving them.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! I don't know where you got this talent, but it is incredible!